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Painters TUBES gallery

painters TUBES gallery

Established in the Covid years, the gallery became a mainstay for showcasing accomplished painters from around the world. painters TUBES have now three purpose made galleries which exhibit art collectors, commercial gallery presentations and online exhibitions which can embedded onto an artists webpage. The artist can also link a YouTube video on their webpage utilising the painters YOUTUBE TV channel videos of exhibitions can be posted on artists facebook and instagram social media accounts.

painters TUBES can create posts made for all social media from the the artists feature in the magazine or the journal and the gallery showcase, individually for the artist to utilise which is charged at a small fee. Please enquire:

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painters TUBES magazine - Denis Taylor Artist & Founder.

Denis Taylor. Artist, Writer and Founder of painters TUBES®

Denis has exhibited his paintings from in1989 in UK, with exhibitions in Sweden and Greece and the UK. He has also designed and curated major exhibitions in UK and Sweden & written articles and catalogues for exhibitions and international magazines.

painters TUBRES gallery
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