about painters TUBES and the magazine founder

Denis Taylor Artist-Writer

painters TUBES® was founded by Denis Taylor, an artist and writer in 2013. The artist established an art studio in Sweden after returning from his Manchester based studio (2003 to 2008). Denis has exhibited his work in the UK, Sweden and Greece from 1989 through to today. Previously he was a founder member and the art exhibition director for the W.O.R.K group, an ideal art organisation in 1996. Denis spent various periods in Sweden curating and participating in five major shows in Stockholm (1996, 1998, 1999 and 2002) “Alexanders Return” – “the Blue Path” -“Art Work Now ” – “Kliver UT” – “Heart 2 Art”

Denis also had three solo exhibitions in the UK – 1989 “Work From Greece” – 2004 “The Blue Path Revisited in England” and “This is not a Chair” 2007.

WORK-.Waxholm Organisation for Reforming Konst - Denis Taylor Founder Member

Denis was a founder member and designer for the artists group: Waxholm Organisation för Reformerandet av Konst. This was a registered ideal art group in Stockholm 1996 to 2008 (Waxholm, or alternative spelling Vaxholm).

The artist began writing regular articles on Art for the established magazine The Art Market International, which is published globally online. After some time he realised ‘painting’ as an Art Form was under represented in the main magazines. A life long friend (from his art school days the Manchester High School of Art 1948 to 1974) suggested he create a new magazine for ‘Painting-Only’ which he established in 2013. He was registered as an independent art publisher in Sweden and became painters TUBES became a registered Brand in 2020.

Painters TUBES gained a huge following, especially in the UK and the USA.

art Market magazine which Denis was a regular article contributor from 2012 for twelve issues.

Today painters TUBES magazine is published on the Swedish Global Readly.com platform which has over twenty seven million subscribers.

painters TUBES magazine on Readly.com

Today Denis is based in Sweden and registered as a permanent resident. His purpose designed studio was built by the artist and he lives together with his wife Marianne.

Denis continues to fly to the UK and Europe to interview artists and he is also a frequent visitor to his former Greek Studio which is owned by his Greek niece and where he created his seminal works from 1988 to 1993. Denis is writing a number of semi-fictional stories based on the history of Palia Hora (Old Town in English) on Aegina island in the fall of 2023.

His Swedish studio has recently been extended to accommodate several large canvas’s where the artist is painting a complete new series using a new lyrical expressionistic methodology and the subject is the universal creative power during the winter of 2023.

painters TUBES magazine is a global publication, however since the UK withdrawal from the European Union as a full member, the magazine has decided to publish a dedicated edition for the UK which will feature all artists with studios in the major cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and with special connected guests from the USA.

Current issues on readly can be found here: https://se.readly.com/painterstubes and also on: https://gb.readly.com/painterstubes