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painters TUBES mission is to bring unknown quality art and artists to the attention of art collectors, art galleries and the general public. The structure to achieve this has taken more than a decade to develop. painters TUBES is a pure pro-painting magazine that highlights selected (relatively unknown) artists and well established painters in the UK the USA and Europe and presenting them all on a level platform. The first issue of painters TUBES featured Ian Norris, a superb painter who has studio in North West England.

Ian was featured a few times over for a number of issues of painters TUBES magazine from circa 2014 and is now a recognised artist and as a leading light developing new contemporary painting in the UK as we travel into the 21st Century.

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painters TUBES UK – is a dedicated platform for all artists based in the UK. What painters TUBES offers is a unique opportunity to discuss artists process on a public forum, showcase the artists work, and have practical printed presentation material that act as evidence of an artists public visibility. This is to show to high street galleries, academic organisations, Art Schools, and for practical use in solo or group shows, thus helping with recognisition of the artists work.

Here is what painters TUBES can offer and how a small investment can benefit Artists. Please note: Featured artists are selected on merit alone and the standard of their work by painters TUBES magazines and using the advise of the many art professionals that painters TUBES work with.

Here is the painters TUBES® simple A,B,C offered contract for artists.

A) – 4 page feature in TAG Journal. (written by our resident writers and invitational guest writers on art and photography)

B) Work exhibited in painters TUBES gallery along with the Artists who feature in the same issue as yourself.

C) An artists undertaking to purchase a minimum of Five TAG Journals at £6 each (plus p&p) posted direct to your address of choice. (Artists can order more than five copies if required i.e. for exhibitions, Up to ten Journals would be at the same cost as five larger quantities will be quoted (less) to the artist in writing.

And finally, with selection the artists featured in TAG can also be chosen to feature in the main magazine on the platform and the NEW painters TUBES UK platform*

Launching painters TUBES UK in October 2023.

painters TUBES will also provide professional advise and guidence if asked and coverage in all social media, ref to Artists exhibitions. Contact painters TUBES directly by completing the form below or if you prefer you can email painters TUBES on :

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painters TUBES UK and painters TUBES® are copyright protected as is all Artists work who may feature inside our publication(s) and Galleries.

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thank you for your attention and we wish a productive and creative day.